High Edges, by Jevenna Willow


Loni Mele`, a night school marketing teacher at the local community college—her student’s final exam is how to sell her something she has no intent to buy anymore. Sex.  And, she has a dead cat in her trunk, from a bad relationship gone wrong. Could her night get any worse? Yes. It can…when she discovers FBI Agent Mitchell Bateman, intent on getting his way.

A man on a mission, Mitch wants only one night with Loni to be able to forget his partners’ suicide.  As  part of the elite Unit 14, Telepathic Investigation,  he can ‘hear’ other’s thoughts. He knew Loni wanted him—but he never thought it would end up with Loni filled with regrets he’d promised her she would not have, and the both of them on the run from a guy desperate enough to end lives.

 As an Agent, Mitch should have been protecting Loni, not sleeping with her.  Working against those who are one step ahead of him at all times, and may know of his talent, Mitch isn’t going to hold his breath for another tomorrow…until he can just get through today.


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