Megan’s Falls, by Jevenna Willow


Detective Roxanne Matherson is the first on the scene of a gruesome murder. Someone cut Shelly Lakota into little pieces and scattered the remains near the stream leading to Megan’s Fall. The first to solve this case gets the glory, and Roxanne had better figure out who before Jake can.

The FBI know-it-all doesn’t deserve anything—let alone glory.

Jake is also Roxanne’s husband, and their brief marriage pulled apart by an FBI lie, a murder, and Roxy not being told the woman she’d caught her husband with is the prime target of an undercover sting.

The Agent and Detective must work together. Once Roxy has to partner with Jake, a second murder to throw them off a killer’s trail, it is all she can do not letting Jake back into her life…and into her broken heart.

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