Meet Jill Prim!

Jill Prim

Jill Elaine Prim grew up in Northville, Michigan, a small city outside Detroit. She started writing stories when she was in junior high just for the fun of it. After heading off to college, she met her husband Chris when she was a freshman at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

She now lives in a suburb of Kansas City with the man she married over twenty seven years ago, and they have three children. Although she has worked in bookkeeping and accounting while her children grew up, she never lost her love of writing or reading a great story. Now that her oldest daughter is beginning college, she decided to start writing again and is having a blast. She loves creating a good story that is fun to read.

Jill joined the Romance Writers of America a few years ago and is still a voracious reader. While reading the newspaper, she often uses intriguing events and discoveries to weave into her love stories, because she learned long ago that real life can more wild and crazy than fiction!    

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