Invisibility Cloak, by Jill Prim

After her ex-husband, the lead physicist at a prominent research facility, was killed by the Mexican Cartel, Amanda Harris’ own life turns upside down. First she’s run off the road and almost killed. Then her home was broken into and the perpetrator demanded a letter she never received. Although they’ve been divorced over a decade, Amanda is compelled to investigate why the father of her two children was viciously mutilated. Just as suddenly, her social status elevates and she has two men after her? Well, now she knows something fishy is going on.

Ex-Army Ranger, Ryder Stevenson thought the dangerous missions were left behind when he began life as a civilian, but that was before he met Amanda Harris. So why was a Mexican Cartel’s Drug Lord after her? Feisty woman almost drives him to re-enlist, but he’s determined to keep Amanda safe and stop the Cartel from becoming invisible.

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