Island Promises, by Joy Connell


Riley Santey leaves her reporting job in the dead cold of a Chicago winter, disgraced by a story that went terribly wrong, and flees to a Caribbean Island to hide on the sail boat she and her boyfriend bought and forgot about.

Not much goes right in the tropical paradise. She loses her phone, her money, and any semblance of a big-city hot-shot reporter. Worst of all, Joe Logan, a former Navy captain claims he owns the sail boat. The authorities don’t seem to care and neither does anyone back home. In fact, the authorities suspect her and confiscate her passport.

Deciding she can be just as stubborn as Joe. Riley stakes her claim to the boat and hires on as one of the worst cooks in the charter fleet. Joe finds her spoiled and demanding. She finds him dismissive and commanding. But over time they develop an attraction that proves as powerful and restless as the waves that hit the island beaches.

Always the reporter, Riley uncovers modern day pirates in the island paradise. She rounds up some associates from home and some new acquaintances and produces a story that puts her in danger but also puts her at the top island of the journalism world. It’s where she always dreamed of being, but is it enough?

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