Hers By Request, by Karen Ann Dell


In three short minutes the war destroyed Dev’s career, killed his best friend and locked his heart behind a wall of guilt.

Now he has a promise to keep and falling for his best friend’s fiancee only makes matters worse. As her calls to his request line became more frequent, Dev uses the songs of his favorite composers to hint at what he can not say.

Amanda retreated to Blue Point Cove to cope with her fiance’s death in the cottage where she’d spent her childhood summers. Her favorite music, played by a velvet-voiced deejay, gets her through many a cold, sleepless night, and she’s sure it’s serendipity when her new business brings them face to face.

How was she to know that he was ‘Mac’, her fiance’s best friend – and the cause of his death?

He’d do his damnedest to give her financial security and encourage her to find a new love before she discovered who he was. When the truth comes out, Amanda must choose to either forgive his deception or lose the second man who has won her heart.

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