Meet Karen E. Rigley!

Karen E. Rigley

A multi-award winning author/poet/designer, Karen E. Rigley is recognized for her ability to touch readers with her myriad of stories, articles, scripts and poetry. She’s a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and also the International Women’s Writing Guild. She was editor/director of Writer’s Rainbow and has been a first reader for several publications.

Her work’s appeared in: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Love Stories, Underwired Magazine, WritersReign, On the SingleSide, Magic, The Magic Within, Grit, Science Fiction Review, ComputerEdge, Andre Norton’s TALES OF THE WITCHWORLD (Volumes Two & Three), CATFANTASTIC Edited by Andre Norton & Martin H. Greenberg, CATFANTASTIC II and CATFANTASTIC III, Romance Writers Report, RhymeTime, SouthWest Writers Workshop, Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop, Inkling, Keystrokes, MysteryTime, Housewife Writers Forum, Today’s Woman, Strange Wonderland, Stuff My Ear Magazine, Warrior Wise Woman 2 anthology (Norilana Books), etc.

She’s co-editor for The Spirit of Poe anthology, a fundraiser for the House Of Poe in Baltimore.

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