Waking Up to Love, by Katie O’Boyle


Newly-minted Ph.D. Lyssa Doughty and British security expert Kyle Pennington are meant for each other, but they can’t get out of their own way. After a year of dating in London and weekends at Kyle’s family home in Cornwall, Lyssa’s fellowship in the UK is at an end. She has no job prospects until she’s asked to interview for a job in the US. So much in love that he won’t interfere with Lyssa’s budding career, Kyle encourages her to go. Believing Kyle does not share her deep feelings, she accepts the offer.
She’s barely started at Tompkins College when she’s pursued by handsome poetry professor, Rand Cunningham. Rand knows Lyssa is a shirttail relative of the wealthy college president and, since he’s up for tenure, she’s his ticket to a cushy future.
Miserable without Lyssa, Kyle wakes up to the fact he was a fool to let her go. He’s willing to risk everything to get her back.
If Lyssa doesn’t wake up and ask who she really loves, the wrong man may win.