Daughter of the South Wind, by KD DuBois



Meteorologist grad student Dawn Wynham dreams of tornadoes, some good, most bad. On a secluded Oklahoma country road, a man strides out of a funnel and challenges all her perceptions of reality when he claims to be the tornado god, Nino.

Evidence stacks up to support Nino’s declaration that his lover’s soul, Tira, exists within Dawn. But the knowledge comes with the revelation of a curse. If not broken by sunrise on her twenty-third birthday, six days away, she will die, and the spirit of Tira will vanish into obscurity to continue its three-thousand-year-old reincarnation pattern. To add to the good news, Nino’s storm god brother invades her dreams, escalates the violence of them, and reveals he wants Tira’s essence and power for his own malicious purpose.

In a race against time, and with those she loves in the target zone of tornado alley, Dawn struggles against self-doubt after multiple unsuccessful attempts to unlock and master the long-dormant powers within her psyche. The evil storm god promises to stop at nothing to enslave her, and she must find the strength hidden for three millennia to save her family, and soul, before her last breath.