To Lean on Falling Men, by Kellie Wallace


Wall Street stock broker, John Forrest wakes up in an open grave in the middle of the Iraqi desert with a dislocated kneecap and a revolver in his pocket with a single bullet. He has no recollection of how he got there or who wants him dead. Haunted by his wife’s recent suicide, John attempts to end his own life, but when he is captured by Iraqi rebels, John fears for the worst. They take him hostage, broadcasting his plea across all Western television for his release of $100 million. When John’s assistant, Amber Joseph sees her boss’s scratchy image on the Internet she vows to bring him home.

Three months later, John is discovered by the 1st Cavalry Division who takes him back to New York, to instant celebrity. John is thrust into the spotlight, the unwanted attention unearthing the demons of his past, including his wife’s death. But one question remains. Who left him to die in the middle of the desert and why?

With Amber close to his side, John unravels the truth of his capture and intended demise until he uncovers the real truth behind his wife’s tragic death.