Resort to Em, by Kendra Vasquez

What would you resort to in order to hide your identity?

Em keeps her full name under wraps with a dose of sass while she goes about her job fixing cars. Because of her past, she avoids the expensively clad crowd until Bert Lockley dares her to take him for a test drive. Not one to back down, she accepts the challenge that inevitably leads to more. The stakes on their relationship climb to new heights when Em learns a surprising truth about Bert. Anger and desire fuel retaliation.

When Em’s identity is revealed, it throws off Bert’s timing. But what are a few misfires to a man driven by love? Guided by her uncle’s gruff ways, Em must discover herself before she can accept Bert. It’s not easy when her parents are among those of the social elite who treat Em with neglect and disrespect. In Denver, Colorado, climbing a mountain will only take you so far. Em must rely on grumpy uncles, interfering aunts, and LEGOs for help.