Horses Heal Hearts Series, Book One: Tempest, by Kimberly Beckett

Michael Stafford was on top of the world.  A proud member of the British Olympic Dressage Team and Olympic champion, his life was perfect.  Then, he lost his mount, his fiancée left him for another man, and his brother has been arrested for manslaughter.  Luckily, he learned that a beautiful and talented stallion was available in Germany, and Michael knew his luck was turning around – and just in time to compete in the next World Cup competition.   The horse’s name is Tempest.

Jessica Warren is an up and coming American dressage prodigy with a brilliant future.  She needs a horse if she wants to compete in next year’s World Cup, and not just any horse, one that’s truly special.  Orphaned by a car accident that took both her parents and seriously injured her little sister, Jessica is raising her sister on her own and has little money to buy a world class horse. She  learns of a spectacular horse available in Germany named Tempest, but Jessica doesn’t have the money to buy him. Enter Blake McMillan, a billionaire hedge fund manager who is willing to sponsor Jessica, but has his own secret agenda.

Who will win Tempest?

Will Michael and Jessica find love, or will family obligations and their own personal demons tear them apart?