Meet LaNora Mangano!

Jeane Mangano

“My love for Happily-Ever-After books developed around the age of 16 when a friend placed a Harlequin book in my hands and told me to “Read this.  You’ll love it.”   She was right and every month, I’d stalk the stores for new books to hit the shelves.  From there I began writing my own books with a Happily-ever-After ending and shared them with my friends.  When I became an adult I aspired to become a published author writing the types of books I loved to read.

I married a man right out of the pages of my stories and we have three boys of our own plus one dog and one cat.  After moving from the suburbs of Chicago to the suburbs of Indianapolis, I joined the Indiana Chapter of Romance Writers of America and became Chapter president.  When I’m not writing, I’m dreaming of the next big family vacation we can take before our kids grow up and leave home.

My dream finally came true in May 2013, when Soul Mate wanted to publish the first two books in my six book “Emergency Calls” series. 

I’m looking forward to a lucrative writing career with Soulmate Publishing.”

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