Love Over Troubled Waters, by LaNora Mangano


All Maggie O’Donnell wants to do after work is drive home during the worst rain storm she’s ever experienced, when the bottom literally falls out from under her feet. Before Maggie knows it, both she and her car crash into the river below.She knows that keeping her cool is the key to survival; otherwise she would sink to the bottom on the river along with her car, never to see the light of day again.Maggie needs a miracle and it comes in the form of Para Rescue Tech Jake Madison.

After the South Westfield Fire Department receives an emergency call, Jake Madison and his crew race to the collapsed Foster’s StreetBridge to find a woman clinging for life below.The only way to rescue her is to rappel from the helicopter and grab her from danger.

The unexpected chain of events alters their lives. Maggie refuses to acknowledge Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Jake refuses to give up on helping Maggie become the woman she once was.

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