Miss Darling, by Larry Miller and Karla Brown

When Lark Darlington arrived in the big city her intention was to work her Great Plan and climb the ladder to success. Romance was definitely not part of the equation. Her new boss, Max Starling, assignment editor of the Star Sentinel is gruff, short tempered and completely irresistible.

In spite of themselves there’s no denying the mutual attraction.

For Lark, it doesn’t hurt that Max just happens to be a dead ringer for her classic film heart throb, Clark Gable.

Their mutual passion for Immortal Heroes, a popular film and television adventure series, sends them on a un-date to a glamorous, star studded fan event. During the party a valuable sword connected to the series is stolen. Max and Lark decide to do some investigating of their own to find it.

Max wants to shine as a reporter again. Lark’s curious nature drives her to help. In the process they find themselves entangled in a bizarre conspiracy that reveals an unexpected villain and lands Lark into the hands of a playboy Arab sheik.

Can Max rescue her before she becomes the fifth wife in his harem of beauties?

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