Meet Leigh Hann!

Lee Han

Born in South Africa. Traveled across the country, but in the end I always turn back to the beautiful city of Cape Town.

We live a stone’s throw from the ocean. Our family evenings consist out of stories I enjoy telling my children of how mommy was some kind of sea creature. I absolutely love the ocean. I draw my energy from it daily and of course it leads to some serious kick-ass inspiration. The freedom it portrays as if you could lift your arms high up in the air, spread your wings and lift off with ease- soaring through the mist, inhaling the spray as your toes touch the water.

At the age of 14 I walked into a hospital-with brains this time-at least a little. The smell of anesthetics, the doctors passing by in their white coats, nurses in uniforms and patients in bed with aches and pains…I knew then and there I was destined to be part of the medical industry. As life turns out-you don’t always walk the path you’ve envisioned for yourself. Instead I ended up working in the photography world and loved each moment of it. But something was missing and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Every night I sat in front of my computer writing poems-well my kind at least. I’m no expert in Orthometry.

My husband has made me grow on so many levels possible. He knew my heart’s true desire and in 2008 he encouraged and pushed me to make it reality. I’ve done a writing course through Writers Bureau of London and an active member of Romance Authors of South Africa.

I don’t have any fancy degrees or years of writing experience, but I live life and live in each moment to make it count. Out of that there are many stories to be told.

Fans can contact me via my website or Facebook:

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