Brewed For Love, by Leigh Raffaele

Welcome to Cedar Ridge! A small town in north-western New Jersey where quirky residents are always under foot and loyalty is abundant.

The best way to meet some of the locals is at The Bean & Brew. Check in with owner Evan Cavanaugh, whose life is pretty good right now. It had been rough for a while, what with his father’s death and his wife skipping out on him and his daughter. But his decision to move back to Cedar Ridge to keep the family coffee shop going was a good one. Everything is brewing along nicely and then Nora Bainbridge strides into town, turning his world upside down. He knows he should stay away since the scars his ex had left him with have recently healed. But he can’t ignore the attraction, especially that his young daughter worships Nora, his friends are enamored with her, and his mother suddenly takes to matchmaking.


Not wanting emotional entanglements, Nora finds herself in a pickle. Her plan was simple—complete this final expansion project for mega-giant MoonBurst Coffee, get the promised promotion, and continue her life in the city. Problem is, the irresistible coffee shop owner, Evan, has her doing things she never imagines, causing her well, thought-out plan to come to a grinding halt. Falling in love with him and his adorable daughter has her following her heart and the emotional adventure she and Evan embark on is amazing!

Yep, things are going great for Evan, his daughter and Nora, too. That is until…Evan learns she is responsible for MoonBurst Coffee’s attempt to put him out of business.