Meet Lesley Young!

Lesley Young

Lesley Young writes edgy, action-packed stories that keep readers (and sometimes herself) guessing. The futuristic setting of her novel Sky’s End was inspired by a life-long love of the trekkie franchise, and a desire to imagine and explore our universe from the unique perspective of a young, female cadet. Cassiel Winters is desperate to find her missing brother, but first she must solve the mystery behind her own unusual ability, and learn how to be human herself, including experiencing love and loss in an epic adventure of first contact with universe altering importance.

Lesley steals time to write novels between researching and writing health and lifestyle features for women’s magazines including Reader’s Digest Canada, Best Health and House & Home. She counts on the support of her husband, one of the last great romantics and thus an inspiration (and she’s not just saying that); and her second biggest champion, the larger than life, diabetic tabby, Mister Elliott. Together, they split their time between homes in the gorgeous forests of Oak Ridges Moraine in Ontario, Canada, and the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. She counts her blessings every day.

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