Grand Parade, by Lilliana Rose

Megan is a young photographer, with her first real job at the Royal Adelaide Show, where she has to capture the agricultural event. As a city girl, she is clueless, and when she gets too close to a grumpy bull is kicked in the head.

Guilty that his bull hurt someone, and knowing the painful side affects of head injuries from the loss of his sister, Jackson takes care of Megan.

Megan is determined that she will be all right, and continues photographing during the day before collapsing. Jackson is there to make sure she is taken to hospital and cared for.

Recovering, Megan finds herself drawn to Jackson, but she’s not sure that she could be anything than a city girl, even for love. Can Jackson, in his quiet, strong, country boy style, change her life, and convince her to take in a new direction, one with him.