Meet Lynda Rees!

Lynda Rees

I have many faces, always juggling multiple priorities; my favorite is writing.  I am a story teller at every opportunity, dreaming and writing blessings into my life since I learned to read at the age of five at my grandpa Daddy Lida’s side.  Stories thread throughout every aspect of my life.  I nurtured two amazing people to become phenomenal adults, my son Michael and daughter Brandy.  I’m casting that same magical spell at every opportunity on my grandchildren, Harley and Hunter.

I am a dreamer, whose dreams come true.  I dreamed of an incredible man to share my life; two blonde, blue-eyed babies; and a farm filled with family, critters, fun, and laughter, which I share with my hero, my strength, my loving and supportive husband, Mike.  Whatever crazy adventure I conger up, he is by my side.

My diverse background brings a rare perspective to my writing.  Born in the splendor of the Appalachian Mountains, I’m the proud daughter of a coal miner and granddaughter of a Cherokee Indian.  My father instilled confidence in me and a strong, goal-oriented work ethic.  I grew up in northern Kentucky when the Mob reigned supreme in Newport, Kentucky and the city prospered as a mecca for gambling, prostitution and sin.  Anything to do with American history is fodder for my imagination. I’m fascinated with how history affects our lives today.

I’m a free spirited adventurer and a fun loving gal, with workaholic tendencies. Writing romance is my passion. Several stories swirl in my head at any given time.  I find myself, drifting off to sleep each night, as they brand themselves in my subconscious, so eager to find their way onto written pages.

Gold Lust Conspiracy is my first novel to be published; however I have several others in the works, one being the first of a three-part series. So stay tuned for more from me.

I’ve been writing for over thirty six years as a freelance and business writer. I’m a member of RWA, CRW, KOD, HHRW, OVRW, NTRWA, MWRWA, YARWA, FTHRW, AWAI, AW&A, and AWP.  I’m published in consumer advertising copy, proposals, manuals, qualification programs, marketing copy, a newsletter, and articles in various Cincinnati area newspapers and experienced in writing, marketing, negotiations and global transportation. As Marketing and Logistics Manager at Procter & Gamble, I traveled the world, visiting exotic places, and negotiating multi-million dollar deals with heads of international shipping lines.  My writing has influenced industries, changed foreign business policies, built fortunes, and sold millions to eager buyers. My travel and experiences brings rare perspective to my stories.

I hope you enjoy my work and we become life-long friends.

Time for Romance!   Love is a Dangerous Mystery!

FACT: One in four women suffers physical abuse. This is in our day and age. In the past, women were considered less than men. It was likely worse in the past, than it is today.

Lynda Rees