Indecent Seduction, by Kayla Star


When Olivia’s husband of eight years walks out on her for a younger woman, she is left devastated. She seeks solace in the form of an online relationship with an Italian man who calls himself, ‘Romeo.’

Although she agrees to speak to him on Skype there is always some excuse why he does not show himself on camera to her, although she does get to hear his sultry voice. Despite being frustrated by this, she finds herself falling for his charms. One evening after a couple of glasses of wine, she ends up undressing on webcam for him and pleasuring herself by engaging in something she’s never tried before, cybersex. It enables her to reach the dizzy heights of rapture. A feeling so erotic, powerful and comforting, that she keeps yearning for more to salve her emotional pain.

It starts to become an addiction as she begins to lose touch with reality. But is Romeo who he says he is and will she finally get to meet her Latin lothario?

Book Trailer:

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