Meet Madelaine Grant!

“Entranced by words from an early age, I decided to become a writer.  Fate intervened in fifth grade when my art teacher, Mrs. Farrell, told me I used color very well and should think of becoming an artist. Although painting has dominated my life, I’ve always left room for writing, I love the romance genre and have published stories in True Confessions, True story magazine and sold two erotic novellas to Extasy Books.

Born in Brooklyn I always had access to the exciting New York City scene. The Museum of Modern Art was the hangout for me and my three art-inclined friends during high school days. I became a commercial artist, an art teacher and an assistant director of art for a small museum in Connecticut – The Stamford Museum & Nature Center. Additional graduate training in art therapy led to forming a non-profit company with a dance therapist – The Arts for Special People, Inc.

After marrying and moving to Connecticut, I continued my art studies while raising a daughter. Shortly afterwards I divorced and remarried. We raised his son and my daughter – not exactly an easy task – but managed to survive the hellish teenage years.  When my husband was offered an early retirement, we moved to Southwest Florida near the beach so he could fish and I could paint and write. I joined the Romance Writers of America and my local chapter, Tampa Area Romance Authors. I’m looking forward to seeing the cover of my new romantic comedy, A Total Mismatch, and eagerly await its release. The story takes place in Manhattan and involves an artist, naturally. I loved writing the story and hope others will enjoy it as well.

By the way, should you want to view my abstract paintings you can google Madelaine Ginsberg, Florida artist.