A Total Mismatch, by Madelaine Grant

Fate brings polar opposites Samantha Peabody and Jordan Hart together.

Free spirit Sam is an artist, occasional belly dancer and sloppy housekeeper. Jordan is a lawyer, fitness and neatness freak and lover of ice cream. The one thing they have in common is their dislike of big, fussy weddings.

Sam lives in a brownstone that has seen better days on the wrong side of Manhattan. Jordan’s condo on the East Side of town is pristine and beautifully decorated. Their first meeting is a complete disaster. But at their second meeting she’s belly dancing at the Blue Monkey restaurant and he’s in the audience. Captivated by her sensuous performance and intrigued by the electricity sparking between them, he’s in hot pursuit.

Sam’s oldest sister, Andrea, is remarrying her first husband and opts for a huge wedding. When Sam has a big fight with Andrea she decides not to attend ‘that damn wedding’. Jordan is invited to the same wedding as his oldest sister, Lori, is best friends with Andrea. Jordan invites Sam to the wedding and she accepts having no idea it’s the same affair. Complicating Sam’s busy life is the offer from a local craft beer company to belly dance for a TV ad and become the symbol of their new beer company.

Sam’s disastrous first marriage and the difficult dynamics in her family make her insecure about Jordan’s love. Besides she hates the idea of marriage. Can Jordan’s ingenious prenuptial agreement win Sam over and dissolve her fears?