Meet Mandi Benet!

Mandi Benet

Mandi Benet grew up in England and published her first piece of fiction when she was twelve. She has been scribbling away ever since as a journalist— covering everything from the Democratic Convention to the Oscars for major American national newspapers and magazines— and an author, writing women’s fiction and contemporary romance with rich, original characters.

She’s always been in love with words—the power they have when strung together have always shocked and delighted her. And when those words are telling a story of the turbulent emotions of the human heart, they shock and delight her more. After all, who hasn’t been stirred by love? Scarred by love? And even if finding the perfect love is a fantasy, a sorry delusion, she still wants to believe in it.

When she’s not in her pajamas engaged in her two voracious passions: reading and writing, she’s hiking the hills of Northern California with her yellow lab, Lalou (more commonly known as Her Majesty), spending time with friends and family, and desperately wishing she could sleep more.

Mandi is a member of RWA National and the San Francisco branch of RWA.

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