Meet Mary Gillgannon!

Mary Gillgannon

‘My childhood growing up in the lush green world of dairy farms, meadows and wooded areas of northern Illinois was much like that of the Bronte sisters, as I lived almost completely in a world of nature, books and my imagination. It was the perfect background to prepare me to be a writer, but it wasn’t until much later, when I started working at a public library and discovered the historical romance genre, that I began my first novel. Since then I’ve written over twenty books.


Although my early books were set in the dark age and medieval eras, I was later drawn to the Regency time period, with its intriguing mixture of scandal and propriety, splendor and squalor. Women had few choices, and in romance and marriage, the stakes were especially high. It’s the perfect world in which to tell the stories of my intrepid, resourceful heroines and the complex and powerful noblemen they end up matching wits with.  

When not writing, I enjoy gardening, travel, and spending time with my husband, four cats and a dog, as well as my grown children, when possible. I also continue to work at the library. My website is and you can also find me on Facebook, and once in a while, on Twitter.’

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