When the Vow Breaks, by Michelle Libby

Newlyweds Regan and Colin Rourke are in the honeymoon phase of their marriage until Colin, a police officer, is accused killing a man while on the job. Colin believes the mission of the police is to serve and protect. He is a stellar officer with a strong track record and he refuses to go down without a fight for both his job and his wife.

Regan is a tenacious woman determined not to live a life of worry and poverty, never knowing if she’ll have a roof over her head. Marriage to Colin was supposed to provide her with security and stability. When he is summonsed for violating a dead man’s civil rights, she wants to believe Colin is innocent, but is afraid to lose her happiness if he’s guilty.  

Secretly they work together to prove Colin’s innocence, but the road to vindication is bumpy and filled with pot holes.