By Clear Water, by Neva Brown


He rules a small kingdom, but she rules his heart.

All alone, Leslyn Reed copes with fear, heartbreak, earthquake, kidnappings, and cruelty as she changes from a naïve girl to a determined woman. However, she needs a new set of coping skills to survive being cosseted, cared for, and manipulated by the Yeats family and the people of Hacienda Hermosa.

The first love she feels for Matt Yeats is patient and kind. It protects, hopes, and perseveres, but trust is slow coming. However, desire warms, heats, then sizzles to carry them over the huge abyss between their worlds to find their touch of heaven on earth.

Matt Yeats, while on a last trail drive, hoping to come to terms with decisions he must make as he takes on the mantle of heir to Hacienda Hermosa, hires Leslyn. Her presence and a near-death experience change his life forever.

Love rises above all barriers!