Meet P.I. Alltraine!

P.I. Alltraine

P.I. Alltraine is a multi-award winning poet and author. She has won several international poetry competitions, and her poems “Kites” and “The Gift” have been published in separate anthologies.

She teaches English Language and Literature in a high-performing secondary school in London. She earned her degree in BA English from Queen Mary University of London, followed by her Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Master’s in Teaching at the Institute of Education, University of London.

She ensures that her limited spare time, between working and writing, is spent with the people that she values the most, including her husband, her parents, her brother, her closest friends and her family from different parts of the world. Before moving to London, she lived in the Philippines where she experienced the rich culture encrusted with dark myths and enchanted tales. She draws inspiration from these in her writing. Though she has lived indifferent places and experienced different cultures, writing has remained a constant aspect in her life.

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