Red, White, And You, by Patricia Harreld


Cherry Franklin teaches American History and is in charge of the annual Independence Day pageant. Zachary Somerset is a Colonial soldier. The two literally bump into each other. Zack is dressed in an authentic uniform and Cherry believes he is part of the pageant, though Zack insists otherwise. He tells Cherry that nothing is familiar to him and she thinks he is delusional. Soon, though, she begins to entertain the idea that perhaps he has travelled through time, and enlists the help of her father, who believes time travel is possible.

Cherry realizes she has dreamed of Zack many times as a friend, but not a lover.  Zack is certain they have loved each other throughout time.  As Cherry and Zack travel between 1776 and the present, their bond becomes stronger as each absorbs the other one’s environment.  Zack tells Cherry he loves her, but she won’t tell him she feels the same. She’s afraid to make a commitment only to have it taken away by the capriciousness of time travel. Though Zack is ready to take a chance that they can both remain in the same time, Cherry must decide if she’s willing to do the same, knowing if they can’t, she risks a broken heart.


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