Bear Run, by Patricia Hudson

Bear Run

Morgan has no expectations of finding her soulmate when she escapes from her demented husband, Carl, and finds herself in the town of Bear Run, getting ready to teach third grade. That is, until her landlady offers to lend her furniture from her attic, and her handsome nephew, Adam Harrington, to move it for her.

Adam, a widower at thirty-two, with precocious seven-year-old daughter Holly, isn’t planning to meet his soulmate when he shows up at his Aunt Margaret’s for lunch, but the Harrington men have a tradition of falling fast and hard.

They’re perfect together, all three of them; Adam, Morgan, and Holly. But things go terribly wrong when Morgan’s husband refuses to sign the divorce papers and threatens to publicize scandalous photos of Morgan in the newspaper and send copies to the Board of Education. She’d rather die than have Adam see what she’d been forced to do by her sadistic husband.

If she wants to protect Adam and Holly, she has no choice but to go back to Oklahoma and reason with Carl. What Morgan doesn’t expect is to be held captive in the home they’d once shared.

Pregnant, protecting the man she loves with her life, Morgan wonders if Adam will even want to see her again when he learns the truth.

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