Jana Morgan, P.I., The Case of the Mississippi River Murders, by Patricia Hudson


Janna Morgan has dreams. Big dreams. She aspires to become the first female version of Dick Tracy or Perry Mason. Two things stand in her way. One is an overprotective mother, who wants to stifle her career goals before they’ve taken flight. And second, not much ever happens in the city of Alton, Illinois. That is until Colin Carothers, the handsome son of her boss, shows up at the Carothers’ Detective Agency.

When the bodies of two actresses—from a visiting Broadway troupe—are found within days of each other floating in the Mississippi River, Jana and Colin team up to solve the murders. It appears a serial killer is on the loose in the booming river town. Jana is determined to catch the murderer at any cost, even at her own peril—and Colin is determined to keep the intrepid Jana safe.

But things keep going awry. At the morgue to view the bodies for clues, she faints, and worst of all, she suspects Colin is more interested in her as a woman, than in her skills of deduction. This will not do. A romantic tryst is not at all what she has in mind. It does not matter what he is interested in, Jana has made it perfectly clear she wants no part of it. She’s on a career path with no time for romance. After all, it’s the 1930s and she’s a modern woman with something to prove.

It’s not her intent to become a wife and mother, even if Colin is the most handsome and exciting man she’s ever known.


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