Love on the Double T, by Patricia Hudson

Love on the Double T


When Molly’s husband beat her, it was for the last time. She and her daughter, Joanna, escaped the terror and abuse of living with John. They fled to the Double T Ranch in Oklahoma. Standing in the bus terminal in Tulsa, Molly looked around in panic. What have I done? I’m waiting for a man I don’t know to take us to God knows where. “Molly?” she heard her name. She looked into Joe Laketree’s eyes and knew they’d be safe. Molly took Joanna’s hand and followed him through the terminal to her new life. Never did she expect to fall in love with the handsome rancher but Joe was everything she thought a man should be. She knew he felt the same way. The day they kissed in his office, the way he groaned with desire, the longing in his eyes told her how he felt. Why was he so stubborn? Why did he fight their love? Their age difference meant nothing to her. “Molly, I’m twenty years older than you. I don’t want to wake up one day and see the regret in your eyes. It would kill me,” Joe said.

When Molly learned that her husband, John, was in trouble, that he was a dirty cop, under investigation by the District Attorney, she knew trouble would come. It was just a matter of time before John found her. The night of the community dance, Joanna ran into the big house, into Joe’s arms. “Where’s mommy?” Joanna asked, holding a fist full of money she’d found on the floor of the cabin. “Where did she go? We’ll miss the dance.”

“Take care of her,” Joe yelled to the housekeeper, running out of the big house, running to find the woman he loved.


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