Love’s Deception, by Patricia Hudson

Lane Benchly has buried a yearning desire deep in her past. Blake Trenton, a cattle rancher, seeks to rekindle a burning love at any cost. One woman stands in the way of love’s true happiness, Blake’s mother, Alana Trenton. Will Lane and Blake learn true love conquers all, or will Love’s Deception keep them apart.

A commercial artist, Lane dreads returning to her childhood home…too many painful memories. She desperately wants to avoid seeing childhood friends, Blake and Caroline Trenton. After all, they abandoned her, left her alone to face their mother, Alana, who felt no one was good enough for her son, Blake, least of all, Lane. Devastated and broken-hearted, Lane ran back to art school in Chicago.

Now, she is returning to Fortune, a successful artist, worthy in her own right. Back in her childhood home, she struggles to keep a lid on the heart-wrenching memories of her past, vowing to safeguard her heart from further pain. It’s easier said than done, especially when handsome Blake turns up at every turn. The man is determined to rekindle the love they once had. However, Alana is determined to prevent a union at any cost. The woman is ruthless and vows to never accept Lane as worthy of her son’s affection. Lane walks down the traitorous trail of Love’s Deception while facing the Trenton’s and the whirlpool of emotions tied to their name. Will Lane learn the truth before it is too late? Will love conquer all, in the end?

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