The Exchange, by Patricia Hudson


Kate McMillian, a psychologist with the Chicago Police Behavioral Unit, just ended a bad relationship, and she’s not looking for another.  When an acquaintance from her college days contacts her, it seems harmless enough, so she agrees to meet with him for a simple meal between friends.  However, during dinner, she quickly learns she’s made a terrible mistake.  It’s an oversight that sets off a chain of events, which puts her beloved family at risk and her very life in grave danger. 

Mark Bartelli, a handsome Chicago homicide detective, is not looking for a serious relationship. After all, he believes there isn’t a woman in the world strong enough to put up with a workaholic detective. That is until he meets Kate, but when Kate turns up missing, Mark has himself appointed as the FBI CPD liaison for the case.  He’s determined to find Kate at any expense, and rescue her from a dangerous Facebook stalker with a deadly obsession. The detective will stop at nothing until Kate’s safe in his arms once again. 


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