Prom Queen, by Paulette Wyssbrod-Goltz


Seventeen-year-old Swim team captain Cassie Fisher has been told by her parents, they will be moving from the only home Cassie has ever known, in Saginaw, Michigan to Lake Jackson, Texas. Cassie is devastated. “What kind of parents make their child move half way through their junior year in high school?” Cassie asks. But, there is no way the move is not happening, so Cassie decides to take out her frustration, and anger on social media. With the move imminent, she trashes the people, their town, their way of life, their school, the way the dress, and the way they talk.

But once the move is complete, she falls madly for Sammy Johnson, and suddenly, she doesn’t hate anyone, or anything any longer.

Her biggest enemy is the swim team captain who knows Cassie is a better swimmer. She finds all Cassie’s social media posts, and prints them for all the school to see. Cassie is devastated once again. Will Cassie lose her new friends? Worst of all, will Cassie lose Sammy?