Meet Phyllis Middleton!

Phyllis Middleton
Phyllis Middleton is a former law enforcement officer who worked as a Deputy Sheriff, a City Police Officer and a Senior Investigator for the Coroner’s Office. During her twenty years of service, her expertise ranged from patrol and investigations, to a certified police instructor, a crime scene and death scene investigations specialist.

She’s been writing stories since age 13, but didn’t take it seriously until 2005 when she joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the Dallas Area Romance Authors (DARA). There she learned the craft of writing with the goal of publishing. She teaches Death and Crime Scene Investigation online classes to writers.

A Colorado native, she moved to the Dallas, TX area after marrying the love of her life, Frank. She can be reached at Her website is



6 Responses to Meet Phyllis Middleton!

  1. Joyce A. DuRall says:

    Phyllis………….AWESOME on your new book! I am happy for you. When can be buy a copy?

  2. Looking forward to buying a copy!

  3. Phyllis Middleton says:

    Liese- Thanks! I’ll let you know via Plotting Princesses as I get further about the book. Yippee!

  4. April Morrissette says:

    I expect a signed copy! 🙂
    So excited to for you Congrats!
    Love you.

    • Phyllis Middleton says:

      April – It will come out as e-book first and later as a printed copy. That signed one might be a while.

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