Magic Born (Book Two of the Guardian Series), by Rayanne Haines

Maria Del Voscova is a powerful Witch with a past. Her friends Alex and Collum are busy navigating new love and guardian business. She doesn’t want to burden them with her messed up history. But we don’t always get what we want. Sometimes, we don’t always know what we want. Though Mar absolutely knows she doesn’t want Neeren, King of the Parthen. She alone sees the darkness in him and it reminds her too much of the past. She knows better than to fall for his stoic, tortured soul façade.

She’s training to be a Guardian, a shadow, tasked with keeping the balance between good and evil in the world. It’s what she wants—to be better than her family was.

The past has a way of catching up to Mar and the future has a morbid sense of humor. On her first mission, she’s kidnapped by the very vampires she’s been running from her entire life. Thankfully the guardians look after their own, and as it turns out, so does Neeren.

Mar finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between light and the darkness that’s coming. She must choose between her family, the guardians, and a man who just might be the most dangerous of them all.