Meet Rebecca Massey McTavish!

“I’ve always loved reading. I was fortunate to catch on to the art of it right away.  When I was seven, my mom handed over a 900 page anthology of children’s literature, and I devoured it, reading some stories over and over. I still have that book, though it’s tattered.

“In college I majored in journalism. That experience grounded me in everything I write. Emotions are personal. Facts need to be just that. Every story is supported by gumshoe research.

“Later, I worked in education and completed a couple of masters’ degrees.  At one point, when the job I was in at the time was particularly frustrating, I began to write romantic fiction in the evenings, basically because I love reading it and it took my mind off the day job.

“I joined Romance Writers of America and Washington Romance Writers, participating in a critique group, and attending retreats. Over the years I’ve submitted numerous novels to editors and agents and like most writers, received rejections. But in spite of that, I find the writing itself cathartic. I love to play with words, and honestly, I do it for me. Of course, it’s great when someone else says, ‘Love your story.'”