Return to Ruby’s Ranch, by Rhonda Frankhouser


Ruby Lattrell spends her days caring for her ailing father and younger brother. When they no longer need her, her life lacks purpose. Then she inherits Ruby’s Ranch – the only real home she ever knew – the place where her mother mysteriously vanished. The smell of fresh cut hay and the most handsome cowboy she’s ever seen, Billy McCallister, greet Ruby when she arrives at the ranch.

Billy always dreamed Ruby would return home. When he finally sees her standing on Granny’s porch, now a mix of that sassy young girl he once knew and the reassured, sensual woman she is today, he knows his heart hasn’t misled him. Before she can fall into the timeless love that Billy offers, they must solve the mysteries that haunt Ruby’s Ranch.

Will digging up the past hurt more people than it helps? Will the truth they discover tear Ruby and Billy apart?