Meet Rod Chapman!

When Rod Chapman headed off to Stanford University on a full track and field scholarship, he was California Dreamin’ – thought he might even consider an acting career after graduation…after all, why not? He was already there.

As Fate would have it, however, his destiny was back home in North Dakota and Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of North Dakota and then on to Marquette University Dental School and subsequently set up his dental practice. As time moved on, his long-time interest in writing resurfaced, and his “drill by day and pen by night” became his way of life. A number of his feature length movie scripts have placed high in prestigious screenplay competitions, a few of which he has adapted to novel format.

Flash forward a decade or so, to a Sunday afternoon in Chicago, when Rod began perusing an online dating service. He’d almost given up when the face of a woman from Orlando, who was to become the love of his life, flashed across the screen, (she, also a writer.) They corresponded for three years before finally meeting in person, and from that day forward, they’ve not lived apart. They do, however, share sofa space with Toy Miniature Schnauzer, Sophie Dog.