The Sanctuary, by Sandra Lea Rice


A woman set on revenge:

Clairece Griffin is summoned to the Metropolitan Museum in New York to authenticate a relic reputedly having belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots. While there, the valuable, gem-encrusted treasure is stolen and her husband killed. When Clairece learns of the relic’s resurfacing in England, she travels to London under the pretext of visiting relatives. In her determination to bring those responsible to justice, she becomes the target of a crazed killer, equally determined to stop her.

A man seeking absolution:

Consumed by guilt at the tragic death of his mother, Anthony Wade, the Earl of Harding, strives to provide a safe haven, The Sanctuary, for those he has pledged to protect. Working privately for Scotland Yard as a means to rebuild his once-failing estate, Anthony, a renowned antiquarian, is summoned when word of a priceless missing heirloom reaches Her Royal Majesty, Queen Victoria.

A promise:

Having vowed to help a friend, Anthony soon discovers the woman he is charged to protect—Clairece Griffin—is none other than the mysterious woman with whom he’d spent a few unforgettable, intimate hours. When the quest to find the missing relic becomes a race to save Clairece’s life, they turn to the safety of The Sanctuary. As the attempts on her life increase, a three-hundred-year-old mystery is revealed, one that could destroy them both.