Silent Moon, by Sarina Dorie


Gothic Romance. Mystery. Ghosts. Imagine a whimsical fairytale world with the feel of Jane Eyre . . . only working in a house of werewolves.

When Cassia wakes confused in the forest next to a half-eaten body, she is accused of murder and witchcraft. To protect her family from these accusations—as well as from herself—she is forced to hide at the manor of “Conri the Bloody,” a rumored werewolf who brutally murdered his wife ten years before.

While at the manor, Cassia falls in love with the wolf-man’s handsome, sensitive and more likable brother. As Cassia’s memory lapses increase, she is compelled to decipher cryptic messages from the savagely murdered wife of Conri. Worse yet, she suspects she might be a ‘wolf-lady’ herself. Cassia must decide if she would be better suited for a villain than prince charming.

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