His Life Plan, by Sharla Wylde

Sexy Montana rancher, Aiden Tanner, returns home from Afghanistan after his father has a heart attack. He is determined to take on the mantle of responsibility. His agenda: run the ranch, improve the cattle and horse herds, and find a wife. A chance meeting with an old friend’s sister provides the perfect woman. The hard-working single mother, struggling financially, is attractive, easy to talk to, and knows how to potty-train kids. What more does he need?

The gun-shy young mother, Beth McNamara, returns home after an abusive relationship to literally run into her hunky cowboy teenage crush. Overbearing and Neanderthal, he’s sweet and dotes on her little girl. Although realizing he can provide a better future for her daughter, Beth struggles with trust issues.

When a stalker tries to kidnap her daughter, the two pull together to eliminate the threat.