Elvis is a Keeper, by Shauna Allen


Hook . . .

Em Reed’s life is complicated enough—thank you, very much.  As a single mother struggling to take over the family fishing guide business, she yearns to make her beloved father proud.  He is the only man she trusts—the only one who has been there for her through every heartache.

Line . . .

And the last thing the needs is to fall for some brainiac writer who is only in town temporarily.  Even if he does bear a fascinating resemblance to the King of Rock ‘n Roll—the only man who still rocks her world.

And Sinker . . .

But as her life takes a horrific turn for the worst and her father is accused of a brutal crime, can she keep her family together, her father from confessing to save the love of his life, and her own heart safe?

Or is Elvis a Keeper?

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