Flood, Flash and Pheromones, by Shelley K. Wall


Hurricanes, high winds, helicopters, hormones, and a hot man—who’d have thought that a research scientist’s life didn’t have turbulence?

 Research scientist Cassie Nunez has one goal. To develop the implant that will suppress violent urges in sex offenders.

Hurricane Amy has one goal. To destroy the Houston landscape and all of those in a three hundred mile vicinity.

 Unfortunately, Cassie’s research is being pulled away by Hurricane Amy’s floodwaters.

 Private investigator Greg Davidson just wants to get to his meeting. In one piece. Except this sexy, darned-near-drowned woman gets in his way.

 You’d think saving a woman from a hurricane’s flood waters wouldn’t be too much for this former cop.

 Until the news choppers fly in.

 Greg and Cassie fight the sexual pull that’s stronger than Hurricane Amy’s torrential onslaught, only to find out that they aren’t sure if they’re on opposite sides of a game that has higher stakes than Cassie’s research.

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