How to Train Your Knight, by Stella Marie Alden


In 1276, Lady Ann of the Meadows is a strong young widow with a will of steel and a renaissance intellect. Single handedly, she has turned her inheritance of a few mud huts and a handful of starving serfs into a thriving town. She loves all her vassals as children yet runs the town with military efficiency. In turn, they bless her with abundance. She has no idea that these great fortunes are attracting massive misfortunes.

As a reward for saving his life, King Edward grants the Lady Ann’s many assets to his beloved knight, Marcus Blackwell, with one caveat. He must marry the widow immediately with or without her consent. If he finds that she killed her first husband, a loyal knight of the realm, he may put her to death. Marcus begins his quest with good intent, but soon learns his heart has no shield against Ann’s unique charms. Her secrets are as vast as her wealth, but one holds the key to their ruin.

How will either escape the king’s inquisition and the hangman’s noose?

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