Seasons of Exile, by Stella Bridges


One leap into freedom can lead to…

Seasons of Exile.

When Marina and Petra are exiled from their homeland in Asia Minor at the end of WWI disguised as old widows to prevent being assailed by Turkish soldiers, they can’t imagine that one leap onto a boat will reveal their secret and jeopardize their family’s safety.

After Marina’s father is apprehended by Turkish soldiers, the two young women part ways.

Petra meets and spurns a young soldier, only to end up working two very different jobs to make ends meet. She enlists as a hostess in an opium den full of government dissidents and human traffickers. A bad place for an attractive young woman with blond hair.

Marina fails in her attempt to take her life, and winds up the guest of a young, wealthy Greek widower with a secret that matches her own.

Author Stella Bridges

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