Pohtawni’s Truth, by Susan Federici


Pohtawni, a Shoshone Indian of mixed heritage is taken from her home as a child and left alone in the wilderness to die after the murder of her parents, victims of prejudice. Pohtawni uses the survival skills her Shoshone father taught her and grows up to become a beautiful, self reliant woman whose only companion is a magnificent white stallion.

Ranch owner Clay Taylor discovers Pohtawni living on a remote section of his ranch. Determined to find out more about her he returns to find her badly beaten by a wanted man, and brings her to his ranch house for medical treatment. This does not sit well with Lavinia Alexander or her father, Mitchell. Both have the same goal in mind-for Lavinia to become Mrs. Clay Taylor, but for different reasons.

Will Pohtawni find those responsible for her parent’s murders? Will love be the bridge that ultimately joins two people from different worlds?

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