Meet Susan Varno!

“Like many readers and writers, I watch stories inside my head. When I read a Regency romance, I imagine myself dancing at a London ball or racing through Sherwood Forest. When I write, I imagine an intriguing scene, always one with action and attraction. I watch how my hero and heroine act. That’s how I discover who they are and what they care about. Before I’ll write their story, they must surprise, titillate and even upset me. I love researching their time and place in history almost as much as I love inviting these “strangers” inside my head.

“For twenty-five years, I wrote columns and reviews for Video Views Magazine. I’ve seen almost every new movie release, especially the romances and anything with an historical setting. Though I was born and raised in Chicago and its suburbs, I married a country boy from rural Ohio. Richard insisted we retire to the hinterlands of the Arkansas Ozarks. Our post office was so remote, you couldn’t find it on most maps. While we lived there, I interviewed more than a hundred people for articles in magazines and newspapers. My focus was Ozarks people, culture and history.

“My husband died two years ago. I miss my hero every day. We have two grown sons and one grandson. I now live in a Chicago suburb. I volunteer in the local schools and help at my church. Last year, I discovered cruising. I’ve visited the western Caribbean and the western Mediterranean. England, here I come.”