A Night to Remember, by Swanzetta Smith


New Rule: Trust your heart to no one…

Caught in the most embarrassing situation, Zariah Banks didn’t expect to encounter Nicholas Hamilton just when she decides to change her rules when it comes to dealing with men…especially the commitment-phobic ones.  But when the handsome magazine editor comes to her rescue, and in just one night reluctantly captures her heart, the only rules he’s willing to follow is showering her with hot kisses, tender caresses and sultry nights─with no strings attached…

 Unless he’s the one who will love it forever

 Nicholas is convinced returning to bachelor life after a painful divorce is a lesson learned and to stay away from any serious relationship for the next decade is his new solemn vow.  That is, until he meets Zariah.  With his best efforts to resist the beautiful web designer and keep her at a distance, he can’t seem to stop wanting her.  But the reckless ways of his past cautions him and threatens their future together.  Will he risk his heart a second time to commit to a love he comes to need?



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